Digital Transformation for NGOs

Digital Transformation for NGOs Sivil Dusun
STK'lar icin Dijital Donusum sivil dusun

Considering that rights-based NGOs, which were not talked about and ignored much during the epidemic, are at risk; We implemented the Digital Transformation project for NGOs. With the project, NGOs and social cooperatives will increase their digital knowledge and skills, transfer seminars, training, workshops to online environments, reach their members, volunteers, beneficiaries and donors through digital communication channels, expand their communication ways, and produce effective visual, audio and written content suitable for digital. is intended.

Sustainability Agenda

sustainability agenda
surdurulebilirlik gundemi

The Sustainability Agenda is a series of programs that host valuable experts to talk about the developments in the field of sustainability today, to offer solution suggestions and to share good practices.

Communication for Goals

Communication Banner for Purposes
Amaçlar için İletişim Afiş

Communication for Purposes Project implemented by the Sustainability Steps Association with the support of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; It aims to promote independent journalism among young people and to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. Within the scope of the project, in addition to receiving online training in the field of communication, young people have the opportunity to listen to the stories of experts from NGOs and independent media organs working with a focus on sustainable development. They can associate the news content they read and write with the Sustainable Development Goals through workshops. As part of the programme, young people; They voluntarily provide written, visual and audio content support to NGOs and independent media outlets.

Responsible Engineers of Sustainability Project

Responsible Engineers of Sustainability Project
Sürdürülebilirliğin Sorumlu Mühendisleri Projesi

By the Sustainability Steps Association and Grundfos Turkey, Grundfos | The Responsible Engineers of Sustainability Project, carried out with the support of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, aims to draw attention to the relationship between sustainability and engineering, and to help young engineers find solutions to environmental and social problems. Within the scope of the project, 5 panels were held on online platforms on the themes of climate crisis, energy, water and gender equality. 5 solutions workshops were held in the cities of Istanbul, Eskişehir and Ankara under the same themes as the panels.

Sürdürülebilirliğin Sorumlu Mühendisleri Projesi

Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities
Cevreci Etkinlikler Platformu

It is a project where we closely follow the activities that take place with the focus on sustainability and we design special training, activity and workshop for institutions.

Event Titles:

  1. Ecology workshops
  2. Panels with a focus on Global Goals
  3. Like workshops on employee volunteering.

Alternative Environmental Engineering Meetings

Alternative Environmental Engineering Meetings

While expressing how the changing ways of doing business are shaped by environmental engineers, it is aimed that environmental engineers who are experts in their sector come and share their experiences. Within the project scope;
- Young people will find the opportunity to experience how they can collectively produce solutions to the problems they face instead of focusing on the problem.
-Environmental engineers; after graduation, the workshop will be shared with those who could not attend the program at the end of the project on what they can read and watch for job finding, internship while studying, strengthening academic education and professional development.

Training Topics:

  1. Training topics will be shared soon.

Career Impact

Career Impact

The Sustainability Steps Association and the Sustainable Learning Development and Excellence Association launched the Career Impact project.

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Solutions Workshop

Solutions Workshop
cozumler-atolyesi, calisan gonullulugu atolyesi

With the increase in environmental and social problems, people started to be exposed to negative news constantly. Glaciers at the poles are melting, animals are becoming extinct, the waste problem is harming living things, and microplastics have started to accumulate in our bodies, instead of taking action in the face of these problems, everything is already getting worse, it turns into a way that I cannot find a solution to this problem.

The aim of the project is to enable people to experience how they can produce solutions to the problems they see in their environment by producing projects and to take action.

People will produce solutions to the problems they have determined in their fields of interest and expertise, and will design the solutions they produce. Afterwards, it will be ensured that that problem is associated with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of Previous Workshops:

  1. Climate Action with company employees
  2. Responsible Consumption and Production with Volunteers
  3. Peace and Adelet with the participation of non-governmental organizations
  4. Reducing Inequalities with Middle School Students
  5. Quality Education with Teachers

Solutions to Problems Meeting

Meeting Solutions to Problems SADE Association Sustainability Steps
Sorunlara Cozumler Bulusmasi SADE Dernegi Surdurulebilirlik Adimlari
meeting for solutions to problems

The Sustainability Steps Association believes that it is it is of utmost importance for organizations to collaborate and share their experiences as well as communicating their sustainability projects. Solutions to Problems Meetings, held by Sustainability Steps Association in partnership with UNDP Turkey, continue within the scope of Smart Life 2030 sustainability approach in 2020 with the support of Zorlu Holding.
Solutions to Problems Meetings bring together social entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, private sector and public institutions in order to listen to the inspirational studies and good practices carried out specifically for the Sustainable Development Goals, and to exchange ideas and experiences. Each meeting focuses on a Sustainable Development Goal.