Think Sustainable: Jodie Harburt, Cooking Up Dialogue

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"Our food, our planet and our future" The first guest of our Think Sustainable program, prepared and presented by Gül Ulu, was Jodie Harburt co-founder of Cooking Up Dialogue. We talked about how Cooking Up Dialogue is related to Terra Madre, Slow Food, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with an emphasis on food security, human rights, women empowerment, and strengthening collective power by building bridges among individuals.

Terra Madre is a global platform conceived by Slow Food Organization. As Jodie Harburt mentioned in the interview, it’s an umbrella network which provides opportunities for small food producers and Cooking Up Dialogue is one of the organizations under that umbrella. Within Cooking Up Dialogue, Jodie and her project partners have been carrying out social gastronomy projects that bring individuals including not only women but also gender fluid, non-binary, transgender individuals together so that they can share their recipes and the stories behind them with each other.

Jodie Harburt noted: “The fascinating thing about bringing people from different cultures, heritages and backgrounds together is that we all see that the differences- instead of being a cause to a conflict- provide incredible diversity and richness to the table.”

The Cooking Up Dialogue celebrates diversity and simplicity of food. as Jodie Harburt highlighted: “We all eat, and we all have a story”.

During the program, it was also noted that everything is interrelated, and environmental justices and social justices are the same. In Jodie’s exact words, Cooking Up Dialogue is “a project that provides the possibility to connect those problems and their solutions. To solve these problems, we need to overcome polarization which prevents policymakers from making the right decisions; and the voices of feminine and minorities have to rise for the entirety society.

“Our food, our planet, our future”

The first episode guest of the Think Sustainable program, prepared and presented by Gül Ulu, a member of the Sustainability Steps Association, was Cooking Up Dialogue co-founder Jodie Harburt. In the program, the relationship of the Cooking Up Dialogue Project with Terra Madre, Slow Food and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was discussed in terms of food safety, human rights, women’s empowerment, collective empowerment by building bridges between individuals.

Terra Madre, a global platform designed by the Slow Food Organization, is an umbrella platform that provides opportunities for small food producers, as Jodie Harburt points out. Cooking Up Dialogue is one of the organizations under this umbrella. Within the scope of the project, Jodie and its partners carry out social gastronomy projects where not only women but also LGBTI + people come together and recipes and stories about these recipes are shared.

Referring to an alternative perception of differences, Jodie Harburt said, “The fascinating thing about bringing people from different cultures, heritage and backgrounds together is that we can see that differences bring incredible diversity and richness to the table rather than causing a conflict. Cooking Up Dialogue celebrates variety and its simplicity. “We all eat and we all have a story.”

Finally, it was stated in the program that everything is interrelated, environmental justice and social justice are the same. Jodie said: “The Cooking Up Dialogue Project provides the opportunity to bring problems and solutions together. To tackle current problems, we need to overcome the polarization that prevents policy makers from making the right decisions, and raise the voices of women and minorities for the whole society. “

Solutions to Problems Meeting focused on gender equality

Solutions to Problems Meeting

In partnership with UNDP Turkey and Zorlu Holding, Sustainability Steps Association organized the Solutions to Problems Meeting under the title of Goal 5: Gender Equality

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Şengül Altan Arslan, Garanti BBVA Diversity and Culture Leader Tuğçe Kayaalp Yesilyurt, AÇEV Gender Equality Studies Manager Hilal Baykara and Kızlar Sahada Founding Partner Kiraz Öcal participated as speakers and UNFPA Gender Program Coordinator Meltem Ağduk as the moderator. Fenerbahçe Opet Women’s Volleyball Team Player and UNDP Gender Equality Advocate of Turkey Bahar Toksoy Guidetti also took part in the opening of our event and shared her projects for girls in Turkey.

Ensuring equality, benefits for all

Tuğçe Kayaalp Yeşilyurt talked about their work and said: “When we started to work on gender equality within the organization, our primary goal was to raise awareness. We tried to share with our employees the idea that achieving equality will benefit everyone, both men and women. “

Municipality is a place where mostly men work. However, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality adds a gender equality perspective to its works. Stating that violence is a priority issue for the municipality, Şengül Altan Arslan said that they established the Women’s Solidarity Unit and are preparing a local equality action plan.

Stating that football is the most gendered and discriminatory branch among sports, Kiraz Öcal stated that since football is not considered to be a sport for women, women of any age are not given a chance in football. Kızlar Sahada collaborate with women’s football clubs to find long-term solutions to this problem.

Hilal Baykara, who emphasized that the problem is thought to be women, that the boards of directors consist solely of men, the difficulty of the inclusion of women in the male-dominated culture, and the oppression of women are not visible in policies and practices, stated that the idea of trying to repair and educate women every time to ensure gender equality is not correct.

Career Impact Project Started

Career Impact

The Sustainability Steps Association and the Sustainable Learning Development and Excellence Association launched the Career Impact project.

The project was initiated with the aim of understanding sustainability, designing and implementing effective projects, developing leadership skills, learning the networking methods, and making personal development plans.

It aims to encourage university students and young graduates and develop their skills in social and business life. Young people receive one-on-one mentoring support after they receive trainings on personal awareness, effective communication, leadership, creative thinking, problem solving and sustainability. Career Impact: • Self-awareness • Individual motivation • Effective communication • Leadership and management • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills • Time and stress management • Sustainability