Solutions Workshop

With the increase in environmental and social problems, people started to be exposed to negative news constantly. Glaciers at the poles are melting, animals are becoming extinct, the waste problem is harming living things, and microplastics have started to accumulate in our bodies, instead of taking action in the face of these problems, everything is already getting worse, it turns into a way that I cannot find a solution to this problem.

The aim of the project is to enable people to experience how they can produce solutions to the problems they see in their environment by producing projects and to take action.

People will produce solutions to the problems they have determined in their fields of interest and expertise, and will design the solutions they produce. Afterwards, it will be ensured that that problem is associated with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of Previous Workshops:

  1. Climate Action with company employees
  2. Responsible Consumption and Production with Volunteers
  3. Peace and Adelet with the participation of non-governmental organizations
  4. Reducing Inequalities with Middle School Students
  5. Quality Education with Teachers

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