Energetic Schools

With the Energetic Schools Project, it is aimed to increase the awareness of vocational high school students on sustainability and energy issues, and to produce their own solutions to the problems they see around them. Within the scope of the project carried out by Mitsubishi Corporation, Çalık Energy and Sustainability Steps Association (SADE), informative seminars and solutions workshops are organized on the topics of “sustainability, climate change, energy and technology”.

The seminars held with experts in the field on the first day of the program aim to increase the awareness of young people on the mentioned topics. With the field visits made on the first day, the participants have the opportunity to visit the campuses of the universities and get information about the relevant departments and observe the work done.

On the second day of the program, solutions workshops in the fields of sustainability, climate change, energy and technology are held with students and teachers selected from among the seminar participants. Teachers and students produce their own solutions to the problems determined in line with their focus areas. Young people gain experience in taking action for a solution by exchanging ideas with participants who have a solution-oriented approach to the problems they see around them.

The seminars will be recorded and opened to digital platforms as training modules, thus enabling more students to be reached.

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