YADA Foundation Founder Mehmet Ali Çalışkan will be the guest of the Sustainability Agenda

Sustainability Day Mehmet Ali Caliskan Yada Foundation

Sustainability Steps Association; Following the opening film of the Sustainable Life Film Festival, "When Nations Unite: Urgent Solutions for Emergencies", it hosts Mehmet Ali Çalışkan, Founder of the Foundation on Life and General Manager of the Social Impact Research Center, in the Sustainability Agenda.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world, revealed the need for a more resistant, equal and healthy life for everyone. Almost everyone agrees that when the spread of the virus is under control, we will have new normals. But what about this new normal? In the restructuring process, we will have to prioritize sustainability and create a new world order. The rebuilding of the environmentally friendly global economic system is seen as a new opportunity for people, nature and our planet.

Sustainability Agenda where we will talk about the new world order, requirements and solutions after the epidemic Tuesday 1 December 2020 day of 11.45 Sustainability Steps Association is on our Youtube channel.

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We expect everyone to our event.

You can watch our Sustainability Agenda program, which will be broadcast live on our Youtube channel, from the video below.

European Green Deal was discussed at the Solutions to Problems Meeting

Solutions to Problems Meeting climate action

In partnership with UNDP Turkey and Zorlu Holding, Sustainability Steps Association organized the Solutions to Problems Meeting under the title of Goal 13: Climate Change.

Solutions to Problems Meeting was held to listen the inspiring good practices and to exchange ideas and experiences with the focus of Climate Action and European Green Deal on September 29, 2020.

Panel moderated by Nuri Özbağdatlı,Climate Change and Environment Portfolio Manager of UNDP Turkey. TÜSİAD Deputy Secretary General Nurşen Numanoğlu, Zorlu Energy Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Manager Kaan Gencel, EU Delegation to Turkey Sector Manager for Climate Change Alper Acar and Founding Partner of Iklim.co Kerem Erikçi took part as speakers.

Reflections of the climate crisis

The climate crisis is not only an environmental problem, but also a development problem. It affects everyone differently. It increases inequalities. It affects vulnerable groups much more deeply. The climate crisis is an issue that needs to be addressed both internationally and across generations.

We talked about why we couldn’t take action in the focus of Goal 13: Climate Action. We touched on the relationship of the issue with inequalities and looked at its reflections in economic, social, environmental and political processes. We also had the opportunity to discuss the effects of the European Green Deal on the economy and how it can take action against the climate crisis.