With Solutions Workshop, we focus on solutions rather than problems.

Solutions workshop for sustainable development goals

Since 2016, we realized we transfer to the online environment and Solutions Workshop we held with participants from different provinces of Turkey.

The Solutions Workshop aims to help participants find solutions to existing environmental and social problems by focusing on their areas of interest and expertise. Participants are enabled to experience how they can find solutions to the problems they see in their surroundings by producing projects. Sustainable With the workshop aiming to mobilize individuals and institutions to achieve the Development Goals, the participants understand the connection between 17 Global Goals, produce high-impact solutions to the problems they identify in line with their interests and expertise, and find the opportunity to implement the solutions they produce by projecting them.

During the 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, organized by Learning Designs Gameathon Young program, we took part in our Solutions Workshop. We have produced solutions to the problems young people face in their environment, steps We have determined and solutions Sustainability for the Global Goals. On May 28, we held our Solutions Workshop with teachers in Muğla.

Within the scope of June 5-11, Environmental Protection Week Young Red Crescent Zeytinburnu Branch We held a Solutions Workshop with volunteers focusing on environmental problems.

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