Solutions to Problems Meeting was hosted by Sustainability Steps Association through the cooperation of RB Turkey.

Sustainability Steps Association has been carrying out Solutions to Problems Meetings with UNDP Turkey partnership since 2018. Solutions to Problems Meetings which was brought to life for the purpose of discussing the progress in the sustainability field and to increase collaborations between institutions; was held on Friday, July 19, 2019. The event was hosted by RB Turkey with the participation of their employees and focused on “Gender Equality”.

The event started with the opening speeches by RB Turkey General Manager Selim Akiş and President of Sustainability Steps Association Emrah Kurum. The panel moderated by Doğa Tamer, Secretary General of Sustainability Steps Association. Speakers were Istanbul Bilgi University Lecturer and Social Entrepreneur Assoc. Dr. Itır Erhart, SPOD Psychological Counselor Görkem Aypar and UNDP Turkey Communications Coordinator Faik Uyanık.

Speakers shared their knowledge and experiences on the subjects such as; how to achieve social change on gender equality, the situation in Turkey, good examples, solution proposals, how to make changes in company policies regarding this issue, how the language and gender roles are in advertising and how can it be changed, what are the duties of the business world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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