Communication for Goals Project Starts

As the Sustainability Steps Association, we implement Communication for Goals project with the support of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Communication for Goals project starts in order to identify the problems accurately in the focus of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to make visible the generated solutions to the problems, to establish communication networks in order to access the right information and to follow current affairs.

We designed the Communication for Goals project to promote independent journalism among the university students in communications related departments such as journalism, radio television, art and design. With the project, young people will be able to follow the changes experienced in the transition to the knowledge economy, see the processes that lead to these changes, understand how the experts deal with the issues and benefit from their experiences.

They will be able to find clues on how to relate the news content with the Sustainable Development Goals in order to approach the problems experienced with a holistic perspective through workshops.

Young people will meet the NGOs and independent media outlets and produce written and visual content voluntarily for these institutions.

Details of the program and applications will be announced soon.

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